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Welcome to Tri-State Cut Stone & Brick Co. and Skokie Valley Material Supply.  As a family-owned business, we have over 148 years of combined service distributing brick, building stone, and masonry products throughout the Chicagoland area and providing custom fabricated limestone throughout North America.  Our purpose is to provide value to your project with our extensive experience in the masonry trade, our top notch product quality, and our high level customer service. 

More than just a materials supplier and stone fabricator, Tri-State Cut Stone & Brick is your trusted masonry and stone adviser making sure your project gets the attention it deserves to run smoothly.  Choosing materials for your project can at times be overwhelming.  Let us guide you to the brick or stone that is perfect for your project.  Bring us your architectural prints and we’ll review them in depth to problem solve on paper long before any brick or stone is installed on your project.  No prints?  No problem.  We’ll assist in designing your project with you to meet your desired aesthetics and budget.  We work with contractors, architects, and homeowners on new construction, additions, renovations, and restorations and on all types of residential, commercial, institutional, and religious projects.

Stone Yard Located in Chicago
Limestone and Brick Frontage

Let’s create wonders together.

Tristate and Skokie valley are well established names in the Chicagoland area and we pride ourselves in treating every project with the same standards we would hold for our own houses. Our sales associates will work with you to find the right texture, color, pattern, or cut that you are needing for any project. 

We work with big name suppliers like Endicott and Cloud Tile to make sure our customers have a wide variety to choose from. Some of the items we have become the only distributor in the area because people like working with us that much. When it comes to stone, brick, and clay we know what we are talking about.

Testimonials Around the City

Anyone can see our limestone or brick just by walking around the city of Chicago. We’ve made our mark on shaping the city by supplying cuts for well known buildings.

Buff Limestone siding

Years of Experience

Some of our employees have worked with us for years, recruiting their friends and family to come assist in the masonry supply trade.

Latest Technology

Anything from the supply chain tracking of our stone distribution to the saws used to make the cuts are the latest in masonry technology and ensure quality to any build site.

Meet Our Team.

A world-class team with years of masonry supply experience. Working in the industry so long also inspired multiple generations after to join in on the stone cutting trade. We pride ourselves in providing a place our employees enjoy working and want to assist our customers in finding exactly what they need for any project they undertake. These are just a few of our great staff, but this doesn’t include our dedicated drivers and other helpers.

John Parker

Co-Founder & CEO

Julia Robertson

Specialist Consultants

Robert Mallison

Partner & Creative Director

Zach Smith

Specialist Consultants

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